This application was written to ease the use of The Apostolic Church, Nigeria hymnal (but can be used by all in the Body of Christ); to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed be His Most Precious Name.
It presents the hymnal in electronic format with easy location of different hymns either through the hymn number, hymn first line or title of chorus. We hope you find this useful.

TAC Hymns is on three OS presently: Android, Windows (Desktop) and Windows Phone.

Click HERE to download Windows (Desktop) version (With ALL Prerequisites) – 152MB

Click HERE to download Windows (Desktop) version (Without ALL Prerequisites) – 25MB

Click HERE to download Android Mobile App

13 thoughts on “TACN HYMNS APP

  1. I just saw an update today on Deltree Tech Facebook page that the TAC Hymn app have been updated with new features. My Question is; Is the new updates applicable to the Android version too? Are we to find the latest version on playstore?
    2ndly, How about an app for Restoration Today (The TACN devotional guide)?
    God is your strength sir.

    1. The update is actually for Android phones and it is available on Play Store.

      Concerning the Restoration Today, we can only work on it with the cooperation of the department that prints the hard copy. We will see if we can have agreement with them to start it.

  2. What updates messed up this app recently? We no longer able to copy the texts for other external use, such as power points, prints, etc. Was this function turned off? If yes, can you please turn it back on for the betterment of all users?

    1. Personally I don’t think that messed up the update. We decided to remove it after some observations. We noticed that some people decided to copy all the TAC Sunday School for this year into a PDF document and they circulated it on social media at the detriment of generating money for the Sunday School Department. This is uncalled for.

      After careful deliberations we decided to remove the copy functionality from TAC Hymns also because we fear some people might sit down to copy it and start using it to make money. If this happen, we might be in trouble with the church authority. While some people like you use it for a good, there are some that will use it for bad.

      So, until we find another way to prevent this we have taken this temporary measures. Thanks for your understanding

  3. good work, please i need a soft copy of the hymn book for my church
    we need it for projector displaying, please it urgent


  4. Hello, thanks for the good work, does the TAC hymn setup for desktop selects window, cause i am having problem installing it on a desktop with wondow XP

    1. We did not will check it on Windows XP. But it won’t work on Windows XP because of the .NET Framework we used is not compatible with the Windows

    1. We are working on the iOS version presently. Please watch out on our website and Facebook posts. Thanks

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