TAC Sunday School App is the electronic format of The Apostolic Church Nigeria Sunday School Manual. It contains lessons suitable for Sunday School or Bible Study.

This documentation is for version 1.25

Activation Screen

This is the screen a user will see if the app has not been activated. It permits the user to make payment with debit/credit card, enter PIN for those that purchase scratch card or reinstalling the app and created opportunity to try the app for 30 days.


  1. Clicking on “PAY WITH PAYMENT CARD” shows the payment screen. Only android phone with OS version not less than 4.1 will see the payment with card option. We are sorry that any version less than that will have to resolve to use the scratch card activation method.
  2. If the user has a PIN, it can be entered and “ACTIVATE” button will activate the app.
  3. The trial has to be activated online before a user can continue using the app on trial. After trial activation, the “ACTIVATE TRIAL” button will turn to “CONTINUE TRIAL”. Henceforth, the user can continue using the app without internet connection for the trial period.

Payment Screen

After clicking on “PAY WITH PAYMENT CARD” on the home screen, the payment screen will appear.


The user should enter the necessary information from his/her debit card and click on “MAKE PAYMENT”. The picture below shows a payment card with necessary details and where to find them.


If the payment is successful, information will be shown to user about it. A PIN will also be generated for the user. This PIN can be used to re-activate the app should the user have reason to uninstall and reinstall the app.

A mail is also sent to user email address on successful payment. This also contain the PIN.

Click OK after the payment success to show the Home Screen


  1. The Payment card allowed are MasterCard, Visa and Verve cards.
  2. The payment here is not managed by us. It is managed by a PayStack payment platform. So, you can be sure your card details are secured by state of the art security. Read more at www.paystack.com
  3. Only android phone with OS version not less than 4.1 can make use of this feature because of security concern.
  4. Internet Connection is required to make payment.
  5. If a payment is not successful, the user should wait for some hours and confirm no amount is charged from his/her account before trying again. This is to avoid double charge.
  6. A valid email address is advised so as to receive mail about the payment.


Home Screen

The home screen shows the lessons in the available languages grouped by tabs. Clicking on “VIEW LESSON” shows the lesson details in the language of choice.


The Home Screen contains two menu items: About App and Settings. Clicking on them shows information about the app and settings respectively.


Lesson Detail Screen

This shows details for each lessons. The screen has zoom features to enlarge should the user needs the text enlarge. Zoom by tapping the – or + button that shows when you scroll. You can also zoom by using your fingers to drag the screen sideways.

The < and > at the top allows the user to move one lesson backward and forward respectively.



Settings Screen

User can set preferences on this screen.



  1. Current Year allows user to choose the year they want to view its lessons.
  2. Orientation has the options:
    1. Auto – set the app screen orientation based on phone settings
    2. Portrait – set the app screen orientation to portrait irrespective of the phone settings
    3. Landscape – set the app screen orientation to landscape irrespective of the phone settings
  3. Screen State: when switched on force the phone to stay awake while the user is reading lessons irrespective of the phone sleep setting. Otherwise, the screen goes off based on the phone sleep settings.

Memory Verse Alarm

This section allows user to set memory verse alarm. The app pick a memory verse corresponding to a week and read it out aloud so as to help the user memorize the bible verse.

  1. Alarm – switch on the memory verse alarm
  2. Vibrate – make the phone vibrate when the alarm is ringing
  3. Time to Alarm – user can set the time that he/she wants the alarm to ring
  4. Day to Alarm – user can choose the days of the week the alarm needs to ring

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